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Yeah, I do see some places drop in the 20fps range, and I'm running the Wii U version. But the vast majority of the fights I don't see any slowdown except from when particle effects (i.e. bursts of lights from major lethal hits) occur...and that's kind of common place for all the 3D Zelda games at this point.

But digital foundry has done an analysis of the games and found that BOTH versions perform poorly at different aspects. So weird. Probably because it was designed for Wii U APUs and had to be ported to Switch APUs mid-development.

More in depth analysis regarding performance:

For such a beautiful and fun game, it's sad that it's got some performance issues. Granted, it's not a big deal when you're just exploring and you get some dips.

The inevitable Switch 2 Remastered edition can't come sooner!

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