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I read people that played the game and understand japanese that the story is convoluted and lots of stuff are going on simultaneously. In the beginning you don't understand why Lightning, Sazh and so on do what they do and many terms are only later explained. So still more or less what you expect from FF since IV.

I will miss towns, but not NPCs. Saying 1-2 phrases you'll quickly forget with the exception of important NPCs with which you can have some sort of conversation. I prefer if everything (info, funny stuff) is told through (interactive) cutscenes and codex, not having to speak to every single NPC for that.

I tried twice to get into FF9 but couldn't. I reached up to early 3rd disc and stopped. Besides Vivi and Steiner all other characters sucked. That oglop Cid, ughhh. The queen of Alexandria, Kuja... wtf?! Only things I liked were the chocobo digging and the auctions.
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