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Originally Posted by darren316 View Post
how did you manage to follow the story though didn't think you could read japanese? or was it basic enough to follow from the cuts etc?
To be honest I believe I know the heart of the story. I want to compare it to Kingdom Hearts II, enough is going on physically that doesn't need to be explained. Yeah, you dont chat with people anywhere.
I played through the Japanese version of Crisis Core, same thing. The actions portrayed by the characters was enough to inform you about the story.

Would like to know what you thought of FF7-8-9-10-12 aswell so I can get an idea of how you view the series. I mean were they all 10/10 after you completed them the first time?
7-I really had a good time with it and the final boss fight was really something. 8-Probably my first Final Fantasy that I got to be excited for. Final Fantasy IX was good at the time(cant play it now bc I dont care too). X-was great (first FF on the PS2), but now I cant sit through the opening cinematics. XII was awesome. Once you play through the story once, its so epic that you cant really forget enough information to replay it again.

Yeah, I think the series have so much work and history put into them that when they first release, it is very exciting and enjoyable. It is nice to have them every couple years. I'd much rather replay other games to tell you the truth. But the Final Fantasy series is one of my favorites and nothing will have the same style and quality like the series has.
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