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How come you edited your review in instead of posting a new reply? The Review Section is the one section where you are allowed to double/triple post.

With all the recent jrpg hate it's nice to hear that you enjoyed the game. I do think it's funny how SquareEnix keeps trying do away with the experince point system then they end up adding a different named point system that does the same thing. When you say it's Tiered instead of Open what do you mean? One of the things I didn't like about the sphere grid was that you were bound to your path and really couldn't customize your character. I liked 12's License board system as it let you make your characters into who you wanted them to be.

I'm really happy to hear that they did away with MP. I've become such a paranoid mess when I play RPGs, always thinking "no don't use MP on these weak guys, save it for the inevitable boss". It will be nice to use my big awesome spells in normal battles for once.
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