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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition - PC
The Witcher presents itself highly among most RPGs these days IMO. You play as Geralt of Riviera. A Witcher (A skilled person who kills beast, vampire, etc and removes curses) with a forgotten past. The majority of the time is spent traveling and talking, but the mix of falling for the right girl and deciding the fate of major characters I think is the true beauty to the game. Plus you make some huge choices to determine how each chapter plays out. Very fun!

Story: It has a lot of twist. The story starts out very simple (A wizard is causing a lot of destruction with a group called the Salamanders), and luckily with all the twists and turns of events will allow you to enjoy it towards the end. It does have its dry moments. One moment you're on an epic quest and the next your buying bread for some total stranger on a totally random side quest. Just keep up with it bc it does get rewarding. And also falling in love with the right women was one of my favorite parts about The Witcher. 8 out of 10

Graphics: Superb, outside some very annoying glitches. But very enjoying with the right settings. 9 out of 10

Gameplay: The combat lets you have various fighting stances for certain weapons. But buying a weapon that wont work with The Witcher Style is pointless at first unless you have enough life to get by. The skill system is placing different types of points awarded at each level on either your character, weapons, or magic. I think I died most of the time because I picked the wrong weapon for a group of enemies. 7 out of 10.

Sound: Great. One of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. 9 out of 10

Overall: Besides some boring quest and crappy fighting mechanics its a great. And is strongly recommended for those looking for a mature game with lots of quality. But keep in mind the replay value isnt that high. 9 out of 10

Also make sure to download the Director's Cut patch, which requires the v1.5 patch to install. The game also likes to crash on random occasions. Mainly when I was in a large mob of enemies or I was moving the camera around very quickly. Also if you dont like the default camera. Press F3 I believe to go into a 3rd person perspective. Cant wait for Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings!

Final Fantasy XIII – PS3

I’ll start by saying that Final Fantasy XIII is a great game. The graphics are some of Square-Enix’s finest. The story is told in such a charismatic and cinematic way that someone (like me) who doesn’t understand Japanese can relate to and enjoy. It is probably the most satisfying RPG since Final Fantasy XII.

Story: You play as Lightning, a young female who with a group of friends, are fighting along side an enslaved civilization who are at a brink of a disaster. Story relies on character development, so the story builds this giant hole. However, the scope of everything that happens during this epic sci-fi campaign fixes all that. In short, the story builds from arc to arc with a multilayer story. Naming or describing anything else would be giving away the plot. Some aspects seem taken straight from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII but without going too deep I’d say this is a brand new game entirely. In my opinion I think Square-Enix has upgraded the common yet respectable trend. It does allow you the freedom to explore, but you’re not looking at a traditional world map with a private jet. And for some who hate boring puzzles and lame fillers, this game doesn’t seem to have any.

Gameplay: A traditional JRPG with new life. The ATB bar is fueled gradually, which distributes moves, which means no MP to refill. I’ll just say there are a selectable amount of classes for each character to use (gambits aren’t needed). No experience points this time. By finishing battles, battles will be given a grade where you earn Crystal Points. These are used in the Crystalium, which is similar to the Grid in Final Fantasy X. I believe this system works much better because it’s tiered rather then opened. I really enjoyed the combat system. There are also a few new gimmicks to the battle system, but I won’t go into detail. Battles are challenging and give a sense of accomplishment, which include the smoothness of battle, the variety of tactics, and the difficulty. The AI party members are pretty smart, so the most frustrating move could quite possibly be your own.

Graphics: Amazing! It looks remarkable. You don’t have to be an RPG fan to enjoy the work put into this game. The monster variety is also one of the best I’ve seen since Final Fantasy XII. The battle system and graphics encourage much anticipation for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Sound: Best score of a game (that could have been a good CGI movie). I had to keep myself from humming some of the tunes. The Japanese characters sound amazing, I got so used to the cast that I’m anxious to see how good the NA version is.

Overall: 10 out of 10

Recommend: I highly recommend Final Fantasy XIII.

Game time: 48 hours.

I did figure out the core aspects of battle, so if anyone needs advice I can do my best to help. Under the circumstances, I might not write a review for the NA version, considering. I am almost certain that the score will be the same.

Edit: Some of my readers might see I ignored to explain the whole relationship with Lightning and Snow, the two other female protagonists, and also the battle to save both planets. I saw this whole scenario in a "new FF" point of view. At the time this game's plot made sense with the upgraded graphics. So much I would of written if I knew how little of quality this title gave its fans. Downplaying its score would only reflect a hidden anger at Square for their ability to lose a fan base over their years due to lack of progression in terms of storytelling and gameplay. I honestly feel XII was of better quality and how FFXIII only appears as a romantic style of JRPG instead of a entry into the FF series that lays a strong foundation on what a JRPG should/would be. As of today; this title deserves its next generation fly through, but I only give it a 7 out of 10.

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