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Hellgate London (PC)

This is a very simple review. I thought of taking advice on how the problems associated with Hellgate and not play it. But I'm a pretty big fan of Diablo 2 and wanted to try it myself. Well, I'm nothing but dissapointed. Once you start a new game, you're asked to speak to an NPC, and this is where I felt every terrible thing said about Hellgate come to life. Its not friendly or at home at all. You have to almost force read every quest/dialouge box. Plus the quality of quest are dull and boring. I have to admit being excited to chase down various boss creatures and explore new worlds. But the game never added to the same old mix.

Story: Hell has taken over London, and its up to a selected force to defend it.
Gameplay: You play as one of the six classes, subdivided into three factions.The Templar: Guardian, Blademaster, The Cabalists: Summoner, Evoker, and The Hunters: Marksman and Engineer. Note, the 3rd person and first person perspectives are only given to select classes. The fighting has its moments, but once you get the hang of things the fun starts to end. The levels seem half done.
Since you can only explore around 4 blocks. Plus I cant get over how hard it is to enjoy the quest.
Sound: Great, but it doesn't make the game any better.
Control: sorta sucks.
Overall: Dont buy this game, I haggled the salesman for a pricedrop. I'm not giving up on the developers because I think if they would allow more fan feedback, then their games might not suck. Considering this is the Diablo team (Minding the fact that Flasgship studios isnt around anymore and the sever for HGL was shut down). Oh well. 4 out of 10.

I did download the Stonehedge Chronicles pack that added a new outdoor level and a Moloch boss battle. But I got so bored with the main game that I had to put it down.

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