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Story: Cole, a delivery boy. Recieves a strange package and gets a call out of nowhere to open it. Then it explodes and he gets these really cool electric powers. He has to find this device that could do a lot of damage in the hands of someone evil. The story has a lot of twist and turns but delivers a sweet conclusion to an amazing sandbox game. But mainly you are fighting a group of "reepers" led by a lustful women and a mysteries man, and things start changing based on how you react.

Gameplay: You get a pretty good mix of moves. The best part is that none of them are really useless. I played a ton of side missions just because they added depth to the game. For instance, some missions aren't even tagged. The citizens will run up out of random and start pointing and screaming. It was pretty cool. The entire good or bad role plays a big part in the development of the game. Honestly, the game seems like it could be repetitive, but it delivers a couple big punches that make it worth while. Plus the Parkour allows you to make full use of the city. Plus you can land on anything just by hovering near it.

Sound: Great, it felt like the story never slowed down. Plus each chapter is ended in a comic strip script.

Graphics: It was like a super hero GTAIV, graphics were awesome. The city is pretty good and there are even sections cut off (like GTAIV, but much smaller). Its far better then any other super hero game out there. Even though I finished it as soon as I did, there are parts to the game where I'd need to replay it just to see what would happen.

Score: 9 out of 10 InFamous is one of the best sandbox games I've ever played.

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