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Blu-ray surpasses DVD player sales for the first time.

The latest GfK Retail and Technology in Japan figures show that Blu-ray Disc recorders have surpassed a 50% market share for DVD recorders in terms of unit sales. Blu-ray Disc recorders have dropped from 110,000 - 120,000 to 100,000 - 110,000. That's roughly around US$ 1,300 to US$ 1,000 since June of this year. GfK also expects prices to drop further due to the holidays.

Here's excerpt from Gfk's report:

DVD recorders exceeded 10% market share in the fifth week of April 2002 and continued to grow steadily, eventually surpassing 50% after 82 weeks in the fourth week of November 2003. In comparison, Blu-ray Disc Recorders exceeded 10% market share in the fifth week of October 2007 and after 53 weeks, in the first week of November 2008, surpassed 50%.

Another thing that contributed to the Blu-ray's growth is the rise of HD TVs. Blu-ray's ability to record in HD without a drop in quality makes it the best HD option available. Blu-ray replacing DVDs? Future's a bit foggy on this one, too many factors to consider. What do you guys think?
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