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Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

In this review, I will not compare it to the Japanese releases because the Japan release this is not. This is the US version and even though it has less songs than the previous installments on the ps2, we will see how it fares in this review.

Graphics - 9
Now the graphics were really nothing to oogle at, if you werent paying attention, but some people like it when the arrows move at 60 fps. The dancing characters are back and the backround videos are of much higher quality than the arcade counterparts. Your also less likely to mess up if your a wimp that couldn't, or refuse to take on the older 45fps mixes, and you people know who you are.

Sound - 7
There are bad songs to run into while trying to select a good song. There are good songs on this game too but they really are few and far inbetween. There are good songs in this game and theres definitely something to like about the music in this game, that is if your a flaming homosexual. Most of the music in this game isn't very varied, theres a lot of gay nightclub music along with some very ****ty covers of some really good songs. "Hey Messanic, how can you say that about gay men when you like men too?" Well it's quite simple, the music that is played in most male gay nightclubs suck. Hence the score for this part, the good songs found amongst most of all the other songs seem to make up for the rest of the song selection. That and the announcer isn't as annoying, he actually says less in this game, I still turn all the voices off, as they actually subtract from the whole experience when playing.

Gameplay - 8.5
DDR has had the same basic gameplay experience as the many other mixes before it, regardless of how many crappy songs or good songs were in them. So to score this part, I will be giving scores to the controllers that I've used on it and averaged them that way. Until then, the eyetoy has been added to this game for an added gameplay experience. I could care less about the eyetoy, but since it's been added, there might be other people that want to play the ****ty mini games that the eyetoy support has to offer. Theres also a new mission mode in which you must play to complete stupid DDR challenges like "miss all the arrows but one." Training mode is also here if your a beginner, and I highly recommend playing this first if you want to get good. The song mods also return and with that, there is no possible way to turn off the buttons on the ps2 controller. This means that if you have a soft mat, the accuracy on your steps is gonna suck.

ps2 controller - 10
This controller works, and it works the best if your a lazy bastard or don't have a dance pad. This also helps on those annoying missions, I don't use it, but feel free to 'cheat' if necessary.

Konami Mat - 9
The controller that came with the game and the best and most easy to break mats out there. This controller stays flat at all times and has a really nice grip on the floor, even when using the carpet. It's much better than the pos Naki mats that **** up the first ten minutes of gameplay(sarcasm). The Konami mats are the best home mat because thier pretty affordable even at $30, that is if you can find them. The downside is that they break easy, so like the ps2, you must take extreme care of your Konami mat. My gripe about Konami is that besides the xbox, they have yet to make a perfect home mat.

Naki Mat - 7
The chick with the butterfly wings is an eyesore and I really enjoy stepping on her. These mats have grip on the bottom, but the grip sucks, and the extra foam within them only makes things worse. Why? Simple, the extra foam likes to puff up and warp, then the sensors in the mat warp, and then you have a mat that you have to lay flat and have something heavy and flat on top of that. It doesn't give you accurate steps like the Konami mat, but it still somehow gets the job done.

Red Octane Metal Mats - 8
This mat works for both the xbox and ps2, to top it all off, you have to maintain them. The mats warp and you can't play without shoes, Red Octane also doesn't always make completely reliable products. Thats why you must maintain them, you have to spend an extra $50 just to get them matted with wood around the edges or else it'll warp. Sometimes you have to replace the screws and the metal isn't that durable.

Song list - 6
The song list is worse than the previous installments, by that I mean that there are less songs than DDRMax 2 and many songs returning from older mixes, US and Japan. The songs arent all that good and the actual good songs take forever to unlock. There are songs on the xbox that I loved even with it's 45 song mix, yet this one doensn't even have half the good songs native to the arcade version.

Replay - 8
Regarless, the game still has a high replay value, and at some point you will simply weed out all the crappy songs and play five songs that you like. You will play them over and over, go to the arcade, show off your mad skillz and wait for another home console release on ps2. Or go back and play the other installments.

Overall - 7.7
Yeah, it still came out pretty high, regardless of what I said in this review. But thems the brakes, it still manages to be a decent DDR game, if I were you, buy this game only to get the Konami pad, as there are no other game and pad bundles left for the previous installments nor can you find the Konami mat seperately.
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