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Sega Arcade Gallery
GameBoy Advance

The game even comes in a box!!!

Ah yes, 4 Sega games all on one GBA cartridge. Actually according to Nintendo (and this is true) the GameBoy Advance is not to be known as the GBA. Instead, Nintendo calls it AGB. They call the GameBoy Advance SP the AGS. True true true. Yes, they only hire morons over at Nintendo, and if their IQ is above 65 they can't have the job. At least this explains the über-retarded "GCN" when referring to the Gamecube, eh? Anyway, with this cheap game you get After Burner, Out Run, Space Harrier and Super Hang-On all on one cartridge! They are all games designed by Yu Suzuki, except for the ones that aren't. Yu had nothing to do with Super Hang-On. He did, however, create the vastly inferior (and not quite super) "Hang-On". Let the games commence!

Holy Hell!
Not only does this cartridge have 4 Sega arcade games on it,
but there is a screen which actually lets you select whiich one
you want to play! This raises the score one whole point!

Out Run

Graphics: 6/10
You can't ask too much from the AGS, so the graphics aren't even half as good as the real arcade games, but they come close on the AGS's super low-resolution screen. Most of the games are chunky looking, with odd-sized sprites and some weird stuff going on. However all of the games run at a nice 60 frames per second, so the motion is (mostly) smooth.

Out Run:
Out Run probably has the best graphics of the quartet. Lots of stuff is missing from the arcade, but all of the motion is very smooth, colors are good and generally it looks just like the arcade. Good job!

After Burner:
After Burner is the weakest of the 4. The landscape is scarce, enemy missles are obstructed by your large plane, movement is awkward, and everything is just generally ass-tastic.

Space Harrier:
Space Harrier looks pretty good. Everything seems quite a bit smaller, though, and much blockier. The scaling is fairly smooth for the most part, but I just can't shake the feeling that I'm playing a "kids version" of the game.

Super Hang-On:
This game has both good and bad aspects of the graphics. The good is that this is the first home conversion of the game to actually use real scaling hardware. The bad news is that the scaling is a bit chunky, especially on the checkpoint gates. Also, there is a weird after-effect thing going on with some of the imagery on the side of the road (see the Super Hang-On picture towards the bottom of this review and notice the trees).

After Burner

Sound: 7/10
The sound and music is generally pretty good as a package. The main gameplay music generally sounds just like it did in the arcade. The incidental music (name screen, title screen, etc) usually sound a bit different and much wimpier. As with all games on the AGS, the sound quality is very hissy and scratchy. In Space Harrier, instead of saying "You're doin' great!" when you clear a stage, it just says "Great!". Apparently the AGS hardware cannot handle the phrase "You're doin'" without a meltdown. It is just asking too much of the system.

Space Harrier

Gameplay: 6/10
The gameplay remains pretty good for the mist part, but the AGS's digital controller doesn't exactly help things. Lots of the movements tend to be exaggerated, meaning that when you press left for example, you go too far to the left.

Out Run:
Plays well with pretty much the same difficulty as the real arcade game. Not too terribly much to complain about here.

After Burner:
Horrible. Very difficult to control, nearly impossible to do a full barrel roll, and just feels completely awkward. Also this is a port of After Burner, not After Burner II. After Burner II added bonus stages and other cool things. In this collection, this is definitely the worst of the bunch.

Space Harrier:
Not too bad. Being a huge Space Harrier fan myself, this version leaves quite a bit to be desired. For some reason a timer has been added to the game. I'm not sure what that's all about. The game is linear and it's not like you can't beat a stage "on time". Also, no matter how you have the controls set (either "A" or "B") when you press down, you go up, exactly the opposite of every other Space Harrier game ever made. It is quite hard because it is really easy to run into things.

Super Hang-On:
This one is really unbalanced. I was able to complete the 3 hardest courses with ease. But the easiest course is completely IMPOSSIBLE!!!! Ug! I am glad that there is finally another home conversion of this game, because it is often overlooked. What a great game with great music. Could have been better on the AGS though.

Super Hang-On

Wrap up:
Not a bad li'l package for a cheap price (about $15 or so). Don't expect arcade perfection, just "arcade similarness" if there is such a thing.

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