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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
yeah, a plethora of advertisments. Not "Rainbow 6: Vegas brought to you by AXE DEODERANT BODY SPRAY." Think about what you're advocating here.
I have and I stand by it. In game Advertising is out of character with a game like Starcraft II (if it's ingame, and not in Battlenet, which we've discovered). That's because it is set in the future, and you wouldn't expect to see an advertisement in the heat of a SCII game. In a game set in present day Las Vegas, you would. That's because Las Vegas is filled with advertisements. Ads make for a more realistic environment, hence making it more immersible. Ironically, a vanilla Las Vegas with no ads is less realistic, and hence less immersible, than one with ads.

Originally Posted by
A relatively new phenomenon, Vegas includes dynamic real world advertising on billboards in certain areas. In order to receive these, the player must be connected to the internet whilst playing.
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Increasing Internet connectivity has led to the growth of dynamic in-game advertising. Unlike the fixed advertisements found in static in-game ads, dynamic advertisements can be altered remotely by the advertising agency
While having to download new ads is a pain, it's hardly a noteworthy bitchnote to have a more realistic Las Vegas environment. Now I haven't played Vegas, so they might not have implemented it correctly to make the city more realistic. But my message was defending in-game advertisements in general in certain games.

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