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Originally Posted by Alucard View Post
Yeah I mentioned he should just upgrade fully but he's dead set against it so what can you do. I cant load up witcher 2 at the moment without frustrating myself at its performance. Useless cpu has failed me. I'll probably order an upgrade in a few weeks or so since I stop working in 2 more weeks and will have time to screw around with the pc. I actually hate the upgrade process which is why I get slightly stronger parts then needed.
Ya from what I read Witcher 2 runs like crap on dual cores no matter what u do. Dual cores=dead. BF3 I'm pretty sure has quad core amd/intel cpu as a recommended req., if not minimum spec.

Currently replaying TW2 siding with iorveth this time, now that they have full screen 1920x1200 fixed with patch 1.3. Even with my new card (GTX 570) ubersampling absolutely kills perfomance. With everything on ultra/ubersampling on I get 20ish fps, turn off ubersampling and it's 40-60 constant.
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