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yah, I had the ransomware malware on my PC, for the life of me, I couldn't find a scanner that detected it to get rid of it.

Took over 30 different kinds before I found something that could find it, which was Zemana's antimalware.

like it enough that I might actually buy the license to use it for 3 years. But, I read that some people say that Hitman pro antimalware software is better by like 10 perfect, just cause it detects more, but, not sure if it is actually better or not. Does anyone know which is better or what they like more if they have used them before?

I just found that most antiviruses aren't picking up the ransomware at all, so need something that actually finds them and gets rid of them. Glad I have found 2 that seem to work, now just need to know which is actually better for my money.
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