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Switch OLED Model 'Upgrade' Officially Announced

This is the least exciting "upgrade" ever

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Switch OLED ‘Pro’ Model Finally Officially Announced

Nintendo finally confirmed the Switch Pro is on the way, and it is officially called the Switch OLED model. The upgraded version of the system will launch on October 8, 2021. As expected, it will be more expensive and cost $349.99. It will also be more powerful than the original system and include 64GB of space.

As expected and rumored in leaks, the Switch Pro will have a seven inch OLED screen. It will have a wider stand. A wired lan port will be in its dock for a direct connection. It will be compatible with all Switch games.

Nintendo shared a trailer focusing on the system too. The over two and a half minute video shows off how it will look and work. This is more of a promotional piece, rather than one explaining exact details about the new model.

The model shown in Nintendo’s announcement included a white dock and matching Joy-Cons. However, there will also be a second “colorful” option. That will include a black dock and red and blue Joy-Cons.

The Nintendo Switch Pro will launch on October 8, 2021. The standard Switch and Switch Lite are both immediately available. It will launch on the same day Metroid Dread appears on the system worldwide.
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