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Originally Posted by Havoc2049 View Post
As always, a great review.

So does Y's: Books I & II on the DS suck or something? I bought Y's for the DS a while back, as it was on clearance for $20, came with a soundtrack and I always wanted to check the series out. I didn't really have time to play it when I bought it, but I do plan to check it out one of these days.
They ruined the difficulty balance in Ys 1 by adding a new dungeon that gives you seriously overpowered items in the middle of the game! Still fun though.

As for Ys 2's repetitive map layouts, it was always like that (as I recall). The shrine at the end is just a vast pain.

Ys on DS is worth buying just to experience the original game (super easy or not) and its awesome music. But since it's coming to PSP, that will likely be the best version to come to the US.
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