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Capcom Classics Collection

Just another excuse for them to
sell you Street Fighter 2 again.

Let me first start out by saying that if you are intimately familiar with Capcom arcade games of yore, you may disagree with the score as well as the general tone of this review (you may think it warrants nothing but praise). I have no problem with that, as you will probably enjoy this collection... but it's MY review. I grew up on Sega arcade games mostly, and I was amazed when I played some of those Capcom games translated to the Genesis. The arcades MUST be better in every respect, right? Wrong. Anyway Capcom has put "22" different games on on disc. Why is "22" in quotes? Do you really consider Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition, and Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting to be completely separate, independant games? I surely don't. Anyway the game costs $20, the lowest allowed MSRP for a new game.

Forgotten Worlds is one of the best games on this disc.

Graphics: 6/10
For the day the graphics in these games were decent to good. They translated well to the Xbox for the most part. You can resize your image but not reposition it. It runs in 480p. Ghouls N' Ghosts has an extreme gamma problem, which means that for some reason the game is EXTREMELY DARK, much darker than the arcade, Genesis, or Saturn versions. What the hell? Yes, this collection has some graphical bugs in it. There are probably others that I don't notice because I've never played the real arcade. What else is there to say? Nothing.

They screwed up BAD on Ghouls N' Ghosts and made it extremely dark.

Sound: 4/10
HORRIBLE! Yes, they may be exactly like the arcade, but the arcades sounded BAD, even for their time (with the exception of Ghouls N' Ghosts and Super Ghouls N' Ghosts). For example, the music in Forgotten Worlds is nowhere near as good as the Genesis version, which sounds like a high-quality synth compared to a tin can with a string (arcade). The sound effects in most games are poor. Fortunately many games have a sound remix option which gives you remixed music. Some of it can be fairly good. Unfortunately this does nothing for the sound effects in most games and not every game has this option, and some need it really, really bad. I suppose if you are a REALLY enterprising individual, you can mod your Xbox, copy an ISO file of this game to your PC hard drive, take the TurboGrafx-16 version of Forgotten Worlds (or even the Genesis version), rip the music into high quality WMA files, use ISO Buster and similar tunes to replace the forgotten World sound files in the ISO, recompile the ISO, put the ISO on your Xbox's hard drive, play from that and have improved music in Forgotten Worlds. Anybody up to the challenge?

If you hate yourself, I recommend a game of Bionic Commando.

Gameplay: 6/10
Many of these old Capcom games are great. Many of them are pure crap. And they are missing some good games like Side Arms and Strider. Why are they not here? I simply cannot understand it. I want an explanation and I want it now. And it had damn well better make sense! Anyway, here are game by game reviews of each and every single included title, capsule style:

Ug! This is almost unplayable! It's a vertical plane shooter with less-than 8-bit graphics. What is that sound I hear? Sounds like a fake whistle... again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again! Oh wait... that's the music? The only way to play this game is with the MUTE button pressed or the sound remix on. What a horrible game. I hope the original "musician" was stabbed in the face, he deserved it more than any other human being alive. If you like the original sound in this game you are a horrible person.

OK now this game is almost up to 16-bit standards and is more acceptable. However I do feel like I am playing the same stage again and again because the graphics rarely change.

1943 Kai
Exactly the same as 1943 in every way but different. New, smaller plane and new, smaller enemies. New music as well. Otherwise it is the same game as 1943.

Bionic Commando
Pure crap. No jump button! This is gaming at its worst! Unacceptable. Also, what does this have to do with Commando? Isn't there an NES version of this game that is completely different and much better? I sure hope so. After playing this game I was stuck on the toilet with nonstop explosive diarrhea for an hour! The same people made Resident Evil 4?

A decent Ikari Warriors style game that is fortunately much better than Bionic Commando. Not quite as cool as Rambo: First Blood Part 2 on the Sega Master System in any respect, but after playing Bionic Commando this seems like the best game ever.

Exed Eyes
What the hell is this? It's a quirky vertical shooter, that's what. Actually this is alright. Not good, just alright. A bit weird for a shooter, but nothing really very cool here. I highly recommend the remixed music. As droning and horrible as it is, it is 10,000 times better than the original music which is extremely repetitive. Capcom sucks at music, just like your mom sucks at raising kids.

Final Fight
Ug. The music here is atrocious! It sounds like a spinning, rusty saw blade trying to cut through a steel pipe (believe it or not that description is quite accurate). Looks exactly like the Sega CD version, only a bit brighter. The gameplay is alright, but extremely repetitive like Streets of Rage. The Sega CD version is much better and recommended.

Forgotten Worlds
This supposed "sequel" to Side Arms is the main reason I purchased this game. It is very fun and I like it a lot for the most part. The sound effects are the worst ever and the music sounds like sandpaper (heavy grit). Both the Genesis and TurboGrafx-16 versions have far better sounding music. Why must I put in my name as I am trying to read the ending story? The voices are extremely quiet and laughable. If you want to imitate them, put a large wet sponge or a bunch of wet rags inside your mouth. Now try to speak while doing this. It's Forgotten Worlds! I really wish this one would have had a music remix. And a sound effect remix as well. It needs it BIG TIME. But the graphics are great, especially since I am so used to the way the Genesis and TurboGrafx-16 versions looked!

Ghosts N' Goblins
Controls horribly with the Xbox pad (which was not made for good games). Advantage: Saturn version. Unlockable arranged music, but no arranged music in-game. I need to urinate. I'll be right back. OK I'm back. That felt good.

Ghouls N' Ghosts
Why did they make this game so dark? Diagonals are still not allowed (even though they are in Ghosts N' Goblins and Super Ghouls N' Ghosts) so the control is still inferior to the godly Genesis version. The Saturn version is the only accurate port of this game so far since it is not darkened, but even it doesn't allow diagonals (if you try you come to a dead stop). No remixed music either. Fortunately the original music in the game has pretty good sound quality. Still very easy, but I like my games easy.

I've always hated the arcade version of this game (played it on MAME). The NES version is better in just about every respect except graphics. It has a sound remix, but the new music is only OK and far inferior to the NES version's music.

Legendary Wings
Plays like a third rate NES game programmed in only 3 days. Oh wait a minute!!! It WAS a third rate NES game programmed in only 3 days!

Mercs is the official sequel to Commando. After that turd that was Bonic Commando, I can see why they felt the need to redeem the Commando franchise. You can play 3 players, but the audio is kind of nasty. Fortunately you can turn on the sound remix which is much more cool. Pretty damned fun if you ask me. Kind of short.

Pirate Ship Higemaru
What the hell is this supposed to be? I don't like these overhead type of games like Bomberman/Tricky Kick/Shove It/Splash Lake/etc, only worse. If you like this game, I bet your mom looks like a man.

Section Z
This game is in the same series as Side Arms and Forgotten Worlds. The thing that is different about this game is that is sucks in every aspect without exception.

Son Son
Kind of cool, I actually enjoyed playing this one, and it even has a sound remix. Simple in every way, this is the way those ancient games that were programmed back in 1286 BC should be!

Street Fighter II
We all know what this is. Works horribly on the Xbox pad (which was not designed with quality in mind). The arranged music is actually the music from the 3DO version of Super Street Fighter 2. Good stuff. I do not like how the music changes as the round nears its end, though. I always thought that was one of the most ridiculous things that Super Street Fighter 2 did. Also this is Regular Street Fighter 2, not Super Street Fighter 2, so why does the music change like Super during the rounds? Some may bitch and whine about how the music does not fade out at the end of a match like the arcade did. I woud have noticed, but I didn't. How did I type it in my review if I didn't notice it? Hmmm... I guessed.

Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
Play as the bosses, oooooo!!!! I can't really count this as a separate game. Can you?

Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting
Slightly more balanced and quicker. Big deal. Why weren't the Champion and Hyper editions simply options to select from in the regular SF2 on this disc? This is the only version that will let you unlock the music.

Super Ghouls N' Ghosts
I have always had mixed feelings toward this game. That graphics and some of the music are really nice, but the game play kind of sucks. It is slow and you CAN'T SHOOT UP OR DOWN! But it has a rotating stage and that was enough to make people like it back in the day. Nowhere near as good as Ghouls N' Ghosts. If you think this game is better than Ghouls N' Ghosts then I bet you get off by shoving flashlights up your ass.

Weird hack 'em up style game. Sucks my ass. Prison rape is probably more fun.

I'd say that this shooter is probably even worse than 1942, though the music is ever-so-slightly better.

Well between the crappy Xbox control pad and my expectations of Capcom's arcade prowess being far too high, I'd have to say I was a bit disappointed. The only Capcoms games I ever played in a real arcade were Ghouls N' Ghosts, Strider, Street Fighter and Street Fighter 2. All of those games (except SF1) had great sound. I was horrified when Final Fight and Forgotten Worlds did not. Even arcade games by Sega which long predate many of these Capcom games had far better sound. I think perhaps Sega set the bar too high, and most other companies paled by comparison. I wish Sega would come out with a complete arcade collection. The Xbox pad helps destroy this collection. Get the PS2 version instead and play with the PS2 Sega Saturn pad.

One of the games they unforgivably forgot: Side Arms!

Wrap up:
If you are familiar with the old arcade games and know what to expect, then you'll probably enjoy Capcom Classics Collection. You will not, however, enjoy the Xbox controller. For a lot of these games I was only familiar with the Genesis versions of these games. For the CPS to have worse audio than the Sega Genesis is inexcusable, especially when the Genesis came out around the same time (or earlier in Japan). Arcades should always be able to outperform the home console of the time in every aspect. Still though, it has Forgotten Worlds!
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