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Super Mario World
Super Nintendo

3 megs of sheer fun!

Super Mario World is the best game to come free with a game system at launch EVER. Let's see what was launched with other systems: NES - Super Mario Bros, SMS - Hang-on/Safari Hunt/Astro Warrior, Genesis - Altered Beast, TurboGrafx-16 - Keith Courage in Alpha Zones, Saturn - Virtua Fighter, PlayStation - demo disc. After that systems stopped coming with games. Yup, Super Mario World is a much better game than all of those. I am amazed that Nintendo did not sell this separately. They could have made dozens of dollars. But I guess they wanted to give people an incentive to buy the Super Nintendo, and boy did they ever!

Yoshi has a tapeworm and is always hungry.

Graphics: 7/10
When I first saw Super Mario World, I was not at all impressed by its mega-simple super baby graphics. There is a lack of detail and not many special effects. Some of the artwork is straight out of a child's coloring book. But surprisingly the graphics really do fit the game quite well. You get up to 3 layers of scrolling at once, a mild amount of scaling and rotation when fighting the boss characters, and some really nice colors here and there. You even get some mild transparencies! There is also an odd mosaic effect that effectively lowers the resolution of the background layers when Mario enters a world or doorway. Suddenly the screen is a pile of garbled blocks (except for the sprites). I'm not sure if this is supposed to be impressive or not. I don't like this effect at all. Some people think it is actually scaling because it is blocky, but nope, it's not scaling. The only time I thought this effect was put to good use was in the SNES Zelda when Link would get zapped. There is also some slowdown when you get to the end of the world and the screen does a circle wipe as you transition back out to the map. Other than that the stage design is very well done and all of the enemies look cute enough to hug! I always feel bad when I have Mario murder them (which is usually totally unprovoked).

You can use turtle shells in strategic ways.

Sound: 8/10
Koji Kondo created the best music for a Mario game ever for this game. Well Mario 64 has great music as well, so it might be a tie. You get tons of themes and they all sound great! Well almost all of them. The title screen music does not do much to separate Mario World from it's hyper-baby image. It sounds like something you'd play for a baby in its crib. I hate kids. Anyway besides that the music is great! When you hop on Yoshi you get congo drums added to whatever music happens to be playing. But Koji was way too lazy to add the drums to the Ghost House or Castle themes, so that is why Yoshi is not allowed in those areas. I wish the Japanese wouldn't be so lazy all of the time. But these tunes literally define the Mario universe. Koji liked it so much that he is having great difficulty moving beyond the SNES sound set. This is why many new games with Koji Kondo music still sound almost exactly like the SNES. There are no voices in this game nor any digitized sound effects, but it is in stereo and they even added reverb in some stages to impress the living hell out of you! A classic soundtrack.

Evolution is proven as Mario can stay underwater
indefinitely, meaning that he obviously has gills.

Gameplay: 9/10
This is where the meat of the game lies, of course! While some of the graphics and the title screen music may be meant for little babies, the gameplay certainly is not! It's made more for the 13-21 year-old set. The control is a bit floaty... Mario will continue to move after you've let go of the D-Pad. But you'll get used to it and once you do the game is pure gold. It's by far the best Mario platform style game (yes, better than Super Mario Bros 3) and the game is fairly long, especially if you want to find all of the worlds. It is pretty easy to score a bunch of one-ups so for the most part this game is kind of easy, but don't be fooled... this game is incredibly engaging and it delivers. Many of the stages have multiple exits that you need to find if you want everything. Each boss has constructed their own castle which you must destroy (you seem to have no respect for other's property). Some new things are introduced to the Mario universe in this game, like Yoshi. Even though Yoshi is around when Mario is a little baby, he introduces himself to Mario like it is the first time they have ever met for some reason. Yoshi can breath fire when he swallows certain types of enemies, and each fireball has its own face and is ALIVE! Yoshi sure gets owned by Bowser quite often, as according to him Bowser is the one who traps him in eggs. Once again you must rescue Princess Peach or Toadstool or whatever the bitch's name is. She is a whore and should be shot dead because she obviously causes more trouble than she's worth, and Republicans do not like cross-species relationships like Bowser and Toadstool/Peach. Bowser, being a deviant, obviously approves of this type of arrangement since he keeps kidnapping her to take part in his twisted sexual fantasies (seriously, why ELSE would he kidnap her? Ransom? No way. There is abundant cash in each stage). He'll burn in hell! Once you beat the game (and you will) it is fun to play through again and again. The fact that it's so long and came with the system really makes it a gem.

An evil Kirby attacks (don't even try to tell me that's not Kirby)
as a green blob approaches which is somehow transparent to
the background, but not the foreground or sprites. WTF?

Wrap up:
This is my favorite Mario game. Well it's probably a toss-up between this and Mario 64 (N64 version).

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