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Sega Master System

All Sega card games had the same hand
holding the card. The drawing of Transbot
himself is superb, and the artist definitely
earned his $2,000 fee for this one.

Back in 1986, Sega wondered what would be the best way to make themselves a household name. They decided that they had to program fantastic games that offered a new and exciting experience for the game player. So they made Transbot, a game where you can play not only as a spaceship, but also as a robot! Most games only let you play as a spaceship or a robot, but never both. Transbot exploded into stores everywhere and sold a dozen copies, a new record for Sega. Record low, that is.

Check out the photorealistic graphics here.
You'd swear that was the real Mt. Fuji in the background!

Graphics: 5/10
I hope you like repetition! Considering that this low-memory game exists on a card, I was very surprised to see multiple (well, 2 anyway) layers of scrolling. That was amazing. The rest of the graphics popped off the screen with amazing blandness. There is very little animation in the game at all. When you are a robot, your legs will sway when you are moving back or forward. But most enemies only have a single frame to their design and just scroll through the stages. The boss does have a bit of animation, though. Try to keep your eyeballs in your sockets.

Transform into a nuclear creature
and destroy this ungrateful world!

Sound: 3/10
I hope you like repetition! Not very many musical pieces in the game at all. They are a bit catchy at first, but you'll hear them so much that you'll begin to get sick of them quickly. The sound effects are what you'd expect to hear from an Atari 2600 game. If this game didn't have music, you'd swear you had an Atari 2600 hooked up to your surround sound system cranking out the noise. But the Sega Master System can actually play more than one note/sound at a time, so Transbot comes off as very technically advanced. Panzer Dragoon ain't got nothin' on this.

Since this was such a popular game, George Lucas
insisted that his scout walkers from The Empire Strikes
Back be digitally inserted into every copy.

Gameplay: 2/10
I hope you like repetition! You fly around and shoot enemies that come in patterns. The enemies rarely ever take a shot at you. Mostly they just annoy you to death. Every once in awhile, some dumbass drives along the bottom of the screen. You can shoot and murder him and then steal his cargo! Unfortunately all he seems to ever transport is a giant question mark. Must be a huge demand for question marks these days. And I can see why, because when you touch the question mark that he was transporting, part of the screen starts flashing a few letters in alphabetical order. Hit a button and that letter becomes your new weapon! Some of the letters turn you into a robot! OMG! OMG! But all of the letters except for A eventually wear down, and you become the sad little default ship again, flying over the same landscape forever and ever (or so it seems). You'll eventually get to a new screen and even indoors, but it really isn't worth your time or mine.

Wrap up:
Sega's attempt at shooter awesomeness fails. Play Axelay instead.
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