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Legendary Axe II

Ignore the box, the axe is the worst weapon in the game.

All 6 dozen owners of the TurboGrafx-16 videogame system demanded a sequel to the hit game "The Legendary Axe". NEC USA was under pressure to deliver. But Japan didn't want to do a Legendary Axe II. So instead NEC took a game that was programmed by the same peeps that involved a swinging weapon of some kind, renamed it "Legendary Axe II" and unleashed it on the USA. People were pissed off because it had nothing to do with the original Legendary Axe in any way. People just couldn't handle it. But as we've learned by now, most people are morons. True, NEC should NOT have called this game "Legendary Axe II", but they did. And it is still an awesome game. Since it shares a name with The Legendary Axe, comparisons are inevitable. And this game is better than its "predecessor" in just about every way.

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics are much sharper this time around, however they are quite a bit darker on average. The animation is much better, the enemies bigger and better designed, and the backgrounds slightly more interesting (and definitely more evil). Everything moves at lightning speed in this game. It's a stark contrast to the "original" game where everything moved at a snail's pace. Lots of flashy effects are here when things blow up and when you swing your sword. I just wish the graphics could have been a bit brighter.

Some of the bosses are huge!
Slice his crotch to take him down!

Sound: 8/10
For the Turbo, this game had some mighty good sound. The music this time around is MUCH better and far more engaging. It can be energetic or suspenseful, or just downright creepy. I love the sound the giant flies make when you slice them. It doesn't sound like a real fly getting sliced (and trust me, I sliced a bunch of real flies to compare this game's sound to), but it does sound cool. When you get hit it kind of sounds like a bee buzzing, adding to the unintended hilarity. But the music, for the most part, is king. Great stereo effects in the music round out the sound package.

After defeating each boss, our hero
strikes a pose to prove his manliness!

Gameplay: 8/10
Since this game moves much faster than the first one, it is far easier to get into and it requires more from your skills. There are three different weapons you can choose from as well as a bomb you can throw with the RUN button. The premise of the game is that the King dies, and you and your brother must battle over the throne. Obviously one of you is evil and the other is good. Can you guess which one is evil? Tell me your answer AFTER you see the ending. The controls are pretty much spot on, except for a slight delay in jumping caused by the animation. Can you believe that both this game and the first one were the same size (2 megabits)? Boss fights often require strategy and sometimes they are quite huge. It kind of sucks when you die because you have to work at powering yourself all the way back up again which can take a fair amount of time. The dude you control is definitely on drugs. When he defeats a boss, he offers a manly pose and then attempts to exit the stage. These attempts are different for each stage. In Stage 1 he gets it right, but as the stages increase he'll try to exit the wrong way or he'll even hop away like a monkey! His drug usage obviously increases as the stages go on. Overall I'd say this game is a great, fast romp through a hack and slash world that's worth taking!

Up, up, and up you go in stage 4.
The music in this level is superb.

Wrap up:
If you liked Rastan, then this game is Rastan on speed and steroids! For those of you who don't know what Rastan is, I'll try to review both the Sega Master System version and the arcade version in the future. If there are hyperlinks in this paragraph, then I've reviewed them and you can click on them to read the reviews.

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