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New video embedding options!

In addition to the current Youtube tags, I have enabled a few other types of videos to be embedded on the forum. They are as follows:

[webm]---place URL here---[/webm]

-Daily Motion-
[dailymotion]---place URL here---[/dailymotion]

***The following tags require the video NUMBER instead of the URL, just like the current Youtube tag:***

-Game Trailers- - Game Trailers doesn't even have an embed option on the official site, but we'll steal their video anyway while we can because we are complete assholes.
[gametrailers]---place VIDEO NUMBER here---[/gametrailers]
For example, if the URL is then the code you want to use is:

[vimeo]---place video NUMBER here---[/vimeo]

[facebookvideo]---place video NUMBER here---[/facebookvideo]

I actually came up with a Myspace code, but it was very complicated, a pain to use and nobody cares much about Myspace any more, so I deleted it. I also had one for Livevideo but it auto-played and there was no way to stop it from doing that, so away it went.

IMPORTANT NOTE: - I do not have buttons for these new video codes at this time (it would also clutter things up), so you will have to type the tags in yourself (you can do it, I believe in you) or copy+paste them from here. Youtube will likely remain the prominent video source on the forums, but these codes are here if you need them.
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