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Originally Posted by Alucard
Yeah 1 has plenty of mods. Also a 9250 is a waste of money. Thats like 5 year old technology.
I think the 9250 256MB version is the lastest version that can run on my computer, which is windows 98 se and i only have pci slots. So despite the card being 5 years old, if my ati radeon 700064mb can run about 90% of every old game between 1994 - 2005, then the 9250 256mb card should be able to run games from 1994 - 2007.

If you think the card is a waste of money say because you run games at or over 1024x768 then i have nothing to worry about. Because i run most of my games at 640x480 or 800x600 and it looks perfect to me.
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