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Originally Posted by AbandonwareGirl
Good god! your computer is so much better then mine
check my specs out:

windows 98 SE
90MHz Intel Pentium
16 MB Ram
Desktop 800x600 at true color
800 MB HD
no usb or ps2 for me either.
i have a serial mouse, and a 5 pin keyboard.
thats sooo cute!!! and your a girl!!

my pc is definatly a bit of a banger, it suprises me how you got around the low-spec aspect, i guess you mainly only use the internet!!!

My old family PC was:
350mhz Pentium II
192mb ram
Windows 98
24x CD drive
2GB HD(upgraded to 20GB)

My new PC is:
Pentium 4 - 2.6ghz
768mb DDR 333mhz Ram
8xDual Layer +- DVD Burner
200GB Hard Drive(1x40GB, 1x 160GB)
AGB 8x 128MB Radeon 9200
the former is similar to my current pc except its got 92-6 ram only lol

the question i gotta ask you, did upgrading your pc severly improve your quality of life in any way!
i cant knock up the motivation to spend loadsa money on a cheapish gaming system.

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