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One last comment for icarus:
Some of your reviews are decent icarus. But overall the only review
thread here I find worthwhile reading on a regular basis is Joe's.
That's basically what I was trying to say. I didn't think my reviews were
that good, hence no big loss in deleting my review thread. For the 10th time, I was not referencing you specifically in my original comment to Joe, I was talking about all the review threads on this site (mine included!). I thought that was clear from the context, but apparently (and interestingly) you've taken it upon yourself to make it all about yourself, when it wasn't at all.

I hope you can cut back on your hostility a bit. There's really no call for that.

And PaperEXE's reviews are awful. It's nothing against him personally, I'm just judging them objectively: they are just poorly written, incredibly inaccurate and ridiculously biased.
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