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I personally found Castlevania IV and its 12 stages to be a little too long for a game of the era where games were shorter. That, along with the lesser challenge did not IMO mix all that well with the game's pacing, which made things a bit draggy IMO. I also missed the alternate characters and branching paths in Akumajou Densetsu/Castlevania III and Drac X: Rondo of Blood, my two favorite traditional games in the series. And the memorization over skill part of the game is another reason why I wasn't as big a fan of this one. When it came to the harder bosses it was a matter of lather, rinse, repeat until you beat them. I also thought the music lacked the edge of other games in the series, sounding either too "fancy" for lack of better term or way too understated/lucid (i. e. the library and cave stage tracks). It's still a great game, but it doesn't hold a candle to others in the series.

P. S. Oh, and Chrono Trigger and Yoshi's Island in particular kick serious ass, the latter being especially close to my heart.

P. P. S. Loved your FF Robovoice. I knew your name from somewhere.
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