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I <3 Valve

It saddens me that despite my best efforts to instruct and better you, some of you insist on finding new ways to fail.

We have sounded the alert and released a quick fix for an exploit that some unscrupulous players were using to wield items on invalid classes. I have considered an appropriate punishment for the good-for-nothings responsible for this horrendous breach of conduct. Death, of course - but death is too good for disappointments such as these. Instead, their unlockable items have been removed for a month.

To the majority of you who did not see fit to cheat, you have my congratulations: I await the countless other ways you will inevitably disappoint me in the future.

(This be their reaction to cheaters in Team Fortress 2 for the p.c)

Next to drunk drivers, I seriously hate cheaters. Remember going on debates with them when they were using bots to grind honors in WoW and when blizz tracked them all down rather than ban their account, blizz just stripped their gears away and they had to start from scratch. Oh the forums were awesome then. The most hilarious part was how far these cheaters went to twist every valid argument and kept trying to come up with any form of justification for their stupid retarded cheating behaviors.

(Funny thing is I saw this pattern also a few weeks ago when Square tracked down people that found way to duplicate items in FFXI, and square perma banned them and they all went QQ on forums and again came up with so many stupid excuses why they cheated)
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