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Great review of Joan d' ark, I played it for the first few hours, good combat system, except when doing an attack and it immediately ends your turn, and that in alot of the battles you are outnumbered by a huge margin like 5 vs 10 enemies

Originally Posted by darren316 View Post
don't bother with the 2nd .. it takes everything good about the 1st and removes it .. leaving you with some half baked res evil wanna be .. what the fuck square were thinking i have no idea .
wow... but here is my opinion on the game:
its a real gem, in the original PE, you beat the game, and the second game+ becomes real easy, not so in PE2, it has alot of difficulty settings and game modes, where the monster and their placement change.

it also has good weapons and monster design, the Gunblade is pretty awesome, I think you can even get an extra hit like in FF8.

I wish I hadn't sold this game some 6-7 years ago.
I've already fought and beaten Wandy, Fedor, and all of the Gracies. They were just to embarassed to tell anyone and nobody believes me. Oh well, at least I know
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