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Windows 10 can disable your pirated games and software

ow, I know this won't be of any importance to any of Destructoid's super well-behaved readership, but let's say for argument's sake some of you pirate games on PC. Well, you might want to be aware of some info in the Microsoft Services EULA. Obviously, none of you will be inconvenienced by the disabling of pirated software, right?

Initially noticed by site Alphr, the Microsoft Services EULA gives Microsoft permission to scan your Windows 10 machine for pirated software and remove it from your system. There have not yet been any reports of this actually happening in practice, but Microsoft now has the power should it choose to exercise it.

The EULA also gives Microsoft permission to kill drivers to unauthorized gaming hardware, like third-party controllers with turbo switches and similar additional benefits.

But as I said before, I'm sure this won't alter your decision to upgrade, right? I mean, you buy ALL of your software legally... Right?
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