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OHNO I am on a role! Heres another favourite of mine!


As I've said before with all the other games, this one also was BRILLIANT! The whole premise of the game was you were boarding a ship that had all its robots go in rogue crazy mode and you needed to wipe them all out. The actual look of the game was pretty different. Heres a screen!!

What you're seeing there is the layout. DOH! You control your own droid, 001. Each droid has its own power level, and the higher the number of the droid, the more powerful. There were 2 ways of defeating them. One way was to shoot your lasers at them. The other way was to override one of them and take them over so you control a sronger more powerful droid. The way you did this was hold down the fire button till you started to glow and then CHARGED the nearest droid and ram them. Once you did this successfully without getting killed (Best not to go for something TOO Strong compared to you), you would get this screen....

What you're looking at is something pretty fun.You're the white guy on one side, and you fight the one on the other. See how on your side you have 5 little yellow triangles along the side and the enemy has 3? You use these to activate one of the lines on your side. It should look fairly straight forward, you need to get the colours in the middle to match your colours and have more of them to win. You can both fight over the same square, but you will need to time it so yours outlasts the enemies and thereby taking it over. It was very tactical.

If you won you became that droid. If you lost you FRIZZED yourself back to 001, and if you were already 001 you'd just DIE! Alot of the robots had bios you could look up and also different weapons for a select few. Like for example the 999 one had the ability to make the screen FLASH, and any droids around would get obliterated. Problem is it would hurt you aswell, but not as much. You could always regenerate your health by finding little wall connector things where you pressed up against them and you healed.

My favourite droid to get was type 883, the pic below should say it all really.

There were multiple levels on the ship, we're talking near 20 or something, and you could telelport around by going to specific sections of each level where you had a teleporter. The excellent Zzap!! magazine gave this game 97% back in the day. Its an awesome game and very addictive, and for all the times I played this game, I dont actually recall completing it. Was hard! Quick little note. Dont think just because theres droid 001 to 999, that theres almost 1000 droids to kill. They skip HEAPS of numbers and theres alot of doubles around.

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