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After being threatened and fearing for my life, I've decided to muster up y laziness and throw it out the window to put up another short but hopefully sweet review!! Lets see..which game should I pick today.. I mean theres DOZENS of them but its 5am and I have to up at 8 so I can stay too long, wtf is that sound outside, like a bird DYING but with FORCE! Anyway...


Now I'm going to be super lazy here and cut and paste part of a review of this game in here when I'm done with my memory flashbacks as its been SO long sicne I played it that my descriptions would just suck so much. FIRST off heres some pics!

RIGHTO! This game is BRILLIANT! If you look up at the screens you'll notice a big green ball with a face on and a little green ball near it. You start off as that big green ball without that little one, which is called a cat. This game was brought out by Ocean, or distributed by them or something, cause back then I wasnt too familiar, as an 10 year old or whatever, about which was the developer and publisher. But I loved almost any game that had the OCEAN symbol on it.

So anyway. You play that large green ball. You bounce up and down on the spot. The way to move about is by spinning yourself round and round by holding one way or the other way on the joystick, so depending how fast you were spinning would dictate how far you bounced across the screen. Bouncing too far was dangerous because you could smash into something and die. See in the second screen those weird like...DNA strand thingies? When you shoot these things they would drop a drop of liquid, and each one would be a different colour. You used these 'colours' to fill up cauldrons you had at the bottom of the screen, and each colour did something different. You needed to fill up all the cauldrons to complete the stage. Also see those holes in the ground? Those are gateways to the next level of the stage since you had to go back and forth between levels to complete stages.

Now with that smaller green thing called the cat, this is an extra ability. Once you get the right amount cauldrons, if I recall correctly, you could add a power to yourself by shaking the joystick quickly from side to side. Some of these abilities would be fire power, a shield, the ability to actually FLOAT around instead of bounce, which made collecting the drops ALOT easier. The cat is also another ability. If you hold down the firebutton then you can control it and use it to collect drops or smash certain things that are just too dangerous to go near for fear of hitting things around it. It'll die after a little but you can bring it back. The COOL thing about multiplayer is that one of you controls the larger one and the other controls the cat. It was SO much fun to play and I must of completed it over a dozen times.
Ok, heres the bit I'm going to cut and paste cause I'm lazy...

Collecting a grey droplet endows the Cat with 128 lives, wheras a black droplet makes the scenery go black - vision is restored by shooting a certain number of aliens. Catching a light blue droplet results in a 'Filth Raid' - sirens balring and blue lights flashing, six ships zoom in for the kill. A carelessly consumed purple droplet drives the cat insane, causing him to zip around the screen, miaowing with rage until he's killed. The white droplet gives an extra life.
The game had alot of depth in it. While the graphics were the greatest around, the game was bloody fun, the music was EXCELLENT, and overall its one game that will always stay in my memories as one of those works of magic.

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