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CliffyB interview (gears of war)

He's amazingly full of shit sometimes lolol

Bit-tech: You mentioned in your presentation that you started showing it [Gears of War] on the PC, and then on the Xbox 360...

CliffyB: Because we didn't really have 360 kits at the time...

Bit-tech: Obviously. Was it always the intention that you would start on the 360 and come back to the PC at a later date?

CliffyB: Yeah, that was always the plan.

Bit-tech: So, it was always the plan to make PC version eventually.

CliffyB: Yeah, yeah. We tried to deny it for a while but in our hearts of hearts we knew. It was just a matter of...honestly…what you say internally versus what you admit to the press, it's a delicate dance, just because we didn't want anyone being distracted by any future product announcements so, you know, for that period of time we knew it was going to be "this is Gears on 360".
I love that response at the start of the second question. 'Obviously'. I loled. Lots more at the link.

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