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Originally Posted by Icarus4578 View Post
Well that's just stupid. By that measure, Custer's Revenge for the Atari 2600 is a masterpiece: you're a cowboy whose objective is to rape a native American Indian.
I'd hoped my sarcasm would come through. The bit you quoted me on was in direct reply to a quote I had included from the article (as is clear). The writer had a problem (obviously from a feminist perspective) with Lara Croft being shown as vulnerable. I was suggesting if video games want to evolve into an art then characters cannot remain always heroic, omnipotently strong and endlessly victorious.

The segment you quoted from me wasn't about the attempted rape scene or even about Tomb Raider. Merely about why vulnerability in character is essential. Just to clarify: Tomb Raider certainly isn't art as I recognise art.

PS- I have an argument about why it's important these types of scenes be included in video games, even if done in a hamfisted and gaudy way, based on the evolution of cinema and why exploitation cinema was important as a catalyst for that. But that's not for here.
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