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Classic old PC story. I love it, haha.

Over the last weekend my brother in law asked me to reinstall Windows 10 on his old Gateway pre-built from 2010. No support page exists since Acer bought Gateway a few years back.

Thing hung on every attempt to reinstall (rest -and- fresh install via USB). Couldn't figure out why. Got frustrated and decided to pull out the wifi PCIE card just to get the computer to bare bones. Installed easily.

Guess the installed just got hung up on a 2010 wifi card but instead of just saying 'no drivers found for this device' is just decided to stop trying and stay on a black screen forever.

Now my brother in law has a PC that's slow as heck (5400RPM 500GB HDD), but it does run a Plex server decently so long as it doesn't have to transcode video.

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