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Thief 2 fan expansion released

I actually had no clue this was being made so its a total surprise to me. You'll still need to have the original Thief 2 game installed and also patched. I know some people think the thief series started with the 3rd game, but thankfully they should all be in the xbox section drooling on one another. Details for the game-

Based on the critically-acclaimed Thief series, T2X is an unofficial expansion building on the technology that made Thief 2 a classic with critics and fans alike. More than 60 artists, designers, writers and programmers from the gaming community have contributed their talents to realize a fresh new Thief experience.

- Thirteen full-length missions take the action through city streets and rooftops, ancient tombs, hotels, museums, cathedrals and more in a gripping tale of vengeance and deception

- Ten new weapons and tools provide the means to evade, outwit, and out-fight your opponents, as well as bringing unprecedented levels of emergent gameplay to the Thief series

- Hundreds of new models, textures and sounds: 3000 lines of new dialogue

- Four beautifully-rendered cutscenes and twelve new briefings in the original Thief style

- A new main character with a fluid, immersive narrative that grips the player until the last scene
Grab the full expansion here as well as the patch for it.

And obviously the website with links to the forum incase you have problems getting it to work.

On a seperate related note theres another expansion being made by a different group but unfortunately its still not completed. Heres the link anyway.
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