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Super Monkeyball Jr.
GameBoy Advance

Most people throw away their box for Nintendo games.
That's because boxes for Nintendo games suck ass.
This will finally change when the DS comes out.
Oh wait... the US Gamecube has nice boxes...

They've taken the mega-awesome Super Monkeyball from the Gamecube and put him on the AGS (Gameboy Advance SP, for those of you who are not cool enough to be "in-the-know" about how Nintendo refers to its systems. I will never refer to it as the "GBA" until people stop referring to the Gamecube as the "GCN"). You control a monkey who is in prison for being a serial killer. But it isn't a jail like you probably know it (being that's you've been to jail, you lawbreaker), but a monkey's prison is being trapped inside of a little ball forever and ever. One day the wardens were bored and decided that if you can make it through a whole bunch o' obstacles, you will be released and you'll be free to murder again! This game should appeal to all of the Gran Theft Turdismo Vice City enthusiasts out there for it's mega violent nature.

Grab the banana, little monkey.
Or Peter Gabriel will SHOCK YOU!

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics aren't amazing, but I've got to give it credit because it's pushing 3D polygons on the AGS! You couldn't do this on the SNES, not without the Super FX chip. The Sega Genesis SVC chip could probably run it a little faster though, so there! Anyway, the graphics are fairly decent when this is considered, and along with those polygons comes scaling sprites (something else the SNES could not do) as well as scaling backgrounds/"mode 7". There is even some transparency in certain spots of the game, like during the credits and also the Monkey Bowling mini-game. Not too bad considering the system it is running on.

If you're smart, you can figure out shortcuts.
If you're dumb, you'll just fall off and die.
That's what happened to me in this pic.

Sound: 7/10
Most of the sound is taken straight from the Gamecube version of the game, like many of the voices. Not all of the voices would fit on the cartridge, though. Some of the music was digitized from the GC version as well. Other music was just "redone" from the GC version using the AGS's built in synth. They sound OK. The worst part of the music is the name-entry screen, which is original music for this version provided by BITS or whoever actually programmed the game. God it is awful! But I score the sound high due to the faithfulness to the original game and copious amounts of voice.

The Master level in this game is impossible.
Due to the pop-up, you can't even see the rest of the stage.
And I have only 24 seconds to get to the goal! Yeah right.

Gameplay: 7/10
The game runs at about 2/3 the speed of the Gamecube version, but the clock runs at the same speed which can make things more difficult. And there is no analog control. You have your choice of one of 8 directions at any given time, instead of 360 like the GC version. But this version does try to compensate somewhat by letting you press the "B" button to tilt softer and the "A" button to tilt harder. This helps you be a little more precise in spots, but it isn't that intuitive. The main game consists of 65 stages across 4 classes of difficulty. It takes a bit to get used to the control, but once you do, you shouldn't have too much of a problem getting past most boards. If you can beat a difficulty level without using a continue, you get a few bonus levels which you can play. The game you play while the programming credits are shown is really fun, perhaps the most fun thing about the game. I'd love to see 40 stages just of boards like this. You can unlock minigames, extra continues, and an extra difficulty class (Master). The master difficulty only has 5 stages, but that's because it is impossible. They give you only 30 seconds to go across huge and complicated boards. GOOD LUCK! The minigames are pretty cool for the most part. You have Monkey Fight, which is almost exactly like the GC version. Then there is Monkey Bowling which is probably the best portable bowling game in existence! Finally there is Monkey Golf, which is just as bland as the GC version. You can unlock another 9 holes to have a total of 18 holes by playing the main game. I have unlocked everything there is to unlock in this game, of course. The game provides some good fun for the most part.

Monkey Bowling is the best minigame offered here.
It's better than real bowling, that's for sure.

Wrap up:
A good portable version of Super Monkeyball. Play this for awhile, and then go play the real thing on your Gamecube. WOW what a difference!

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