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Tbh... theres alot of over-dramatization. First of all, i don't think there was any sexual harassment. He respected her wishes once she made them clear.

If there was harassment, it was verbal harassment, if the account is correct. That i think is despicable.

But honestly, i will say this here cause i trust you guys. She is making drama or trying to get back at him for something.
They even had a relationship later. When she says there was nothing there, i have trouble believing. The damage she is making to him far outweights the one he did to her imo.

As for NeoGaf, i think it was always an elitist forum and it has imploded in it's own elitism. I never felt compelled to join them just based on the fact that they thought themselves better with special requirements and lengthy aproval processes for registration. Utterly ridiculous.
That and all the crazy rules.
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