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I recognize that Metroid Prime is a well designed game, but I just can't deal with it because I played through Metroid Prime 3 first. After beating Prime 3, I tried part 1. The first strike against the game is the controls. I just can't handle a game like this in any other way except for the way it was done on the Wii. Another thing that bothered me is that Prime 3 is restricted to the 4:3 aspect ratio and everything feels insanely claustrophobic (mainly the HUD). It's like going from a big helmet with lots of breathing room to one wrapped skin tight to your face. If these two issues were remedied, I'd happily play further into the game. I got kind of far in it, but it just wasn't anywhere near as fun nor as intuitive as Metroid Prime 3 (which anal rapes part 1 and 2 without any lube and doesn't call the next morning).

Metroid Prime 3 rules! It is the best. Anyone who says differently is wrong. But Metroid Prime 1 is still better than Halo. Or Half Life. Or Bioshock. I could go on.
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