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I’m surprised Scribblenauts gets boring, I would think I could play that game forever simply thinking of new things to spawn.

Muramasa does indeed look awesome. All 2D games should have that level of animation. Did you ever check out WarioLand Shake It? Not nearly at Muramasa’s level, but I thought the 2D animation was great in that too.

Cotton 2 is one of those games I really wish would get ported to the current generation. Retail disc, Digital, dosen’t matter I just want to play it. I loved playing the original SNES cotton on emulators in 8th grade Webpage design class.

Valkyria Chronicles is one of the first PS3 games I want to play (birthday tommorow!!!). I have grown to like the types of voices found in Saturday-morning anime dubs.

Ninja Gaiden is a series I’ve largely ignored until now but I will check the demo out to see if it would be something I’m interested in. After hearing about the first games difficulty I lost interest. I wouldn’t want to buy and have another FZeroGX experience.

HyperDuel looks rather dull. Nothing really flashy or interesting is happening and thus dosen’t deem it worth my time to more worthy shooters.
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