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Originally Posted by Joe Redifer View Post
I didn't realize that one was so rare.
Belmont's Revenge is not rare cart only. But go search for a complete one on ebay,,, and come back empty handed. Doesn't matter how much you're willing to spend because there will be zero results.

It's the same thing with alot of original Game Boy games, you can easily obtain the cart only to any of them, but when you insist on it being complete alot of times it'll either be expensive as hell or near impossible to find or both. It depends on the game though.

Below is a pretty cool site when you can search for any game on any system (minus current gen) and find out approximately how much it costs loose, complete or new.

Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge konami 1991
73 percent (Extremely Collectible)
New:270.00 CIB:100.00 Loose:13.00

01-10%: Extremely Common. 11-20%: Very Common. 21-30%: Common.
31-40%: Uncommon. 41-50%: Sought After. 51-60%: Very Sought After.
61-70%: Highly Collectible. 71-80%: Extremely Collectible. 81-90%: Super Rare. 91-100%: Ultra Rare.
To me on this one those prices are kinda low. You won't find a new one for $270 most likely, more like $500. CIB is more like $150. I got mine for $100 + a CIB japanese version of the same game from a game site called nintendoage. (you can buy, sell and trade games with other members there.)

Belmont's Revenge and Castlevania Legends are the two most expensive games to find complete on the Game Boy. (luckily I already have Legends) Another hard as hell to find CIB I need is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue. Again you will rarely ever find a single copy on Ebay,, Amazon or any game trading forum.
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