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Originally Posted by Joe Redifer View Post
I just had to try out this game because of the much-heralded Motion-Plus™ technology which brings 100% precision and reduces lag (the onscreen character moves before YOU move, that's how much lag it gets rid of). To be honest, I didn't notice any difference or improvements between this and other, similar games on the Wii.
Are you being honest or trying to be critical?

I heard the frizbee mode was the best part of the game. Despite your weight problems of not actually holding a frisbee, could you at least see a difference in how it moved/reacted? I ask because I'm tired of having to baby or "take it easy" with motion controls and wonder if M+ remedys that. I want to be able to hold my frisbee out, shake it like a wild madman, and have the game accuratley track every second of my spazfest without having it lose calibration or whatever.

But hey, at least it has to be better than Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz Disc Golf.
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