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I played Shenmue 2 the other day, after playing for about 2 hours, I started doing the 4 Wude quest.

First I went to the insane barber, skipped to the shaolin masters school, found the drunk-tard, broke his stones,
went to the park to find the taichi master, fought a tree, and lastly saved the crazy lady from being gang mugged.

Now its time to go back to Man mo temple, but its closed, so with nothing else to do, I decided to go GTA style
and see the very "exiting shenmue world".

I find that there is alot of detail in this world, but not everything is interactive
there are no hidden packages or easter eggs, you follow a girl in a skirt around
but all ryo wants to talk about is Man mo temples, and gambling.

My first activity was to talk to a little kid, asked him where Man mo temple is,
he was so kind, told me to follow him, but I refused and ditched him.

Went inside a random building, it was a pawn shop, I had already pawned all my
VF toys just to pay that guy in room 205 in yan tim apartments,
so I start a conversation, its again about the Man Mo Temple, he gave me directions, and I left.

Went to a restaurant, asked if I can have a job working there, they said find a lucky hit stand instead,
started another conversation, again its about Man Mo Temple, by now its getting
tiresome, its like nobody has anything good to talk about.

So with a few hours left before I collapse and automatically get sent to the inn, I decide to start working as a lucky hit assistant.

Boss gives me 300 yuan, and for like what seems an eternity
I yelled and yelled, until finally an old man comes up and starts playing this pachinko type game,
after 3 rounds I lost, he won.

300-50 = 250, still plenty of money left, but its getting boring, I hate this job,
I try to quit, I press start, but that proves to be futile as it only displays how to play the game.

There is nobody else there, its getting dark, the streets are empty, my constant yelling gets me nowhere, I panic, its been like 5 minutes why can't I quit?!?

I decide this is enough, and power off my dreamcast.

I like this game, it has some kind of charm, but its so... flawed, sigh ...
I've already fought and beaten Wandy, Fedor, and all of the Gracies. They were just to embarassed to tell anyone and nobody believes me. Oh well, at least I know
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