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I don't own this, but I played it once. It was moderately amusing for maybe 10 minutes, but then got really boring. It isn't as good as a House of the Dead game, even though it wants to be. The graphics have next to no color in them and were pretty dark and bland. It made me want to sleep. I don't remember anything about the audio. This should be downloadable WiiWare for $5 and not a real release.

And arcade light gun games are not exactly like the Wii. As you can tell by your own pic, there are sensors all around the entire screen. The Wii just has a little podunk bar laying there. Even if you built your own IR emitters all around the TV, it would confuse the Wii and the WiiMote since they are not designed for that. Only projection/big screen arcade games even work like this (they have to). Older light gun arcade games that used CRTs worked differently.
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