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Your too lenient...

And I almost beat the game, took me about 19 hours to get to the second to last dungeon.

Story is so worthless that it makes all the other games redundant and terrible. You better believe I do not accept this monstrosity into the canon of the series. I doubt the developers can even say it belongs there with a straight-face.

More or less the storyline is cut and paste from Lunar:SSSC, but without the 4 heroes, quark is a lion (and also not named, but seeing as history from Lunar:EB states he was around when Althena defeated (and locked away) Zophar on Earth and transported everybody to the silver star I can guarantee he is supposed to be quark...), there are a total of 5 characters (one gets kidnapped almost instantly, one dies less than an hour after you get him, and the last 3 are extremely retarded), and the Vile Tribe happens to only have 1 member of the Vile Tribe in it, with a lot of monsters. Plus somehow the main character manages to become a dragonmaster when there already is a dragonmaster, which invalidates the lore in so many ways, especially when he becomes a dragonmaster by kicking the shit out of the dragon's spirits who aren't even there....

Fuck that is one shitty game.
Worst RPG I have played, though because I know about the Lunar world. If I didn't I'd say it would be Second worst behind Unlimited Saga.
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