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Megaman Maverick Hunter X~PSP-Action

The first Megaman X is my all time favorite of the X series and Capcom were kind enough to remake it for PSP. It came with no surprise that Capcom would stupidly release this game after the X collection, which included the original version of X 1 and 5 other X games, Capcom are talented on doing things like that, just like what they did when announcing the PS2 version of RE4 just before the release of the NGC version. Well, I still appreciate what they did and if they didn't warned me I would have bought the NGC version, so I still am happy on there decisions, which decreases there games sells, but I guess they really don't care about it.

A side scrolling shooter with platforming element, but there isn?t a lot of platforming like the original series. Megaman jumps and can also shots his X buster to attack enemies and he can charge his shot to perform a stronger attack and that pretty much all what he dose. In the X series, now Megaman can wall kick, basically Megaman now can climb walls, and starts with few Hit points and collect power ups.
Choose a stage, then defeat the boss and get his weapon. Each weapon is strong against one of the eight boss and all of these weapons have limited ammos. In this game each weapon can be used in the same number of times. No, they are not well balanced, some weapons are stronger then others.

After getting all power ups the game become straight forward and you can easily avoid all holes and pitfall and can easily beat enemies and even boss by repeatedly pressing X button. I actually beat the game with out getting any power ups on normal. The game was made to be beaten without the need of getting any power up. I did enjoy the game more without the power ups and I actually start recognizing what they put on the stage other then continuing holding forward until I beat the game. Collecting power ups is fun, but makes Megaman way over power.
There is Hard mode and there, enemies and boss attacks serves more damage and enemies have higher defense and less likely to drop items or good once. They did not change the stages to make them harder and the platforming part still didn't change on difficulty. The boss now are tougher and with extra attacks.
To make it short, hard mode didn't add much other then boss performing one or two new attacks it is the same old not thoughtful hard mode that a lot of games has, which is a disappointment.
Playing in normal is way to easy even easier then the original game on normal. I think the game can only be fully enjoyed on hard mode.

Note how I don't even have one power up.

In this remake you can view all the weapons without the need of pausing, which made it easier to scroll and change weapons using L and R and if you equipped a special weapon you can still use the X buster by pressing triangle. Each time you start a stage your life cannot be less then two, which is a very nice edition. No, it did not lower the difficulty level.
Unfortunately there are some disadvantages on the control. To unequipped a special weapon you have to press both L and R in the same time. In the original and even all X games it can easily be done, but not now, now you have to press them both right on time or it wouldn?t work.
In the original you can jump higher while on a wall by holding circle/A button then jump, but not anymore, now you have to time it right to do it. (Note that you can only perform this after getting a power up in the game and you can beat the game without it) I don?t know why they did this, it was uncomfortable enough that I used to hold both squire/Y and circle/A buttons then press B/X to do it while charging, other then that the game controls as good as the original or even better.

All stages are pretty well designed and on this remake they did made some few changes on some of the stages. They did also completely changed the last stages and have done a very good job on it, not to mention that the best and most famous parts of those final stages are available, so no one missed anything important. There have been some notable changes on boss, some ended up very similar and some have been changed a lot.

Nothing easier then beating Storm Eagle without having any power ups.

Half of the enjoyment of the game is from the soundtrack; most of the music available are pretty good. Megaman X1 is and has the best soundtrack of all X series, it is just sad seeing there talent decreases dramatically until we see them making mediocre soundtracks like what we can see on X5, X6, X7, X8. It can be shown obviously in this game because there are few and limited numbers of new music and they are simply no match for the old, original once. They did even fail to make one music as good as the old once.
One of the best editions on this game is the rearranged soundtrack and the music are on higher quality. They have done a pretty nice job on it. The problem is that about maybe 4 of the music have been removed and not even replaced, which made this remake have even less music then the original, not to mention that I actually loved 3 of those music and they are still on my top 5 (The password music for an example. Yes, I loved that music.)
The story and events had been changed and with full voice acting. They also made the sounds effects on today stander.

It is still a side scrolling game, but characters/enemies are now on 3D, they are nice animated. They did redesign the boss and made them look better and also more colorful. They also had done a good job on special effects. The background and environment looks good and all, thought some areas did need more work.
Warning; stop reading if you are avoiding spoilers (See how easy and simple putting a warning was.)
There is vile mode, which you can play with the evil character Vile. He plays differently then X or Zero and even Bass/Axl, and all the stages are completely different on enemies? placement and pitfalls and even platforming, it is more challenging then Megaman and they did make a great job on it. It actually doesn?t even feel that the stages design wasn?t originally made for Vile. They did even change the placement of the power ups (at lest for about half of it), all of that is great and all, but there is one huge and stupid mistake that they made, which ruined the mode completely or at lest half of it. All eight stages has that one new same crappy music on each one of them, so no great soundtrack to enjoy and that pretty much shows how much important music are and how much difference they can make on a game. I really am still having a hard time believing that they stupidly did this. All stages having the same music is bad even if the music isn?t crappy like the current one.

I liked how clearing a stage could affect another stage.

Gameplay (7/10)
Graphices (7/10)
Sound (9/10)
Length (6/10)
Megaman Maverick Hunter X (29/40)

The game is very short and they did not add a lot of extras in this remake unlike what I expected. This remake sadly doesn?t have a sound test like the original.

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