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Originally Posted by Icarus4578
Why should an opinion always be considered right? If we never disagree with anyone, what's the point in individuality?
i agree, but opinions are subjective expressions. i don't, however, think that all opinions are right.

paper, to say that someone's review is wrong is invalid. you can say their opinion is full of bias, mistakes and that it is nothing but a gripe fest (see gaming age's review of ninja gaiden and grandia 3), but some opinions can have factual errors. but when it comes to a subjective review, it is a different story. i won't say that gaming age's review of ninja gaiden is wrong... i will say that it is pathetic, poorly written and doesn't say anything really good about the game.

gamespot's review did have some spoiler issues and maybe they didn't take the time to figure out that you can beat storm eagle without dashing, but to call them sell outs because of that is too harsh in my book.

what if they said megaman x maverick hunter is just a sad rehash and that vile is a really crappy playable character? would you say their opinion is wrong?
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