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Originally Posted by Paper exe
I did not say that there opinion are wrong, I said there reviews are wrong.

About storm Eagle, no you can avoid it by simply pressing the opposite direction button. Storm Eagle, wouldn't use it too much, so you can avoid it, but the problem comes if he blow wind, then used his storm then it became hard to survive, because there would be no room for mistakes, but he can still be beaten and easily on normal.
Seriously, what kind of an idiot that didn't figure out that you can survive if you go to the opposite direction of the wind!?

Please, telling you what you would unlock and spoil the surprise isn't a spoiler!?
I do think that they did need to talk about Vile, but they didn't and missed a lot of importants part. They just said it for the sack of saying it.

Gearhound you did not replay to a lot of what I said, so how can you entitle to protecting them if you couldn't disprove anything I said.
Tell you what, no one told you to not trust them, but to me and others we don't want to trust such untrustworthy sell outs like Gamespot, which are full with huge mistakes like what we can see in that one review that I read.

Edit: Hay Gearhound I remember you saying that you liked gamespy the most and you trust them a lot if so then hear what they have to say about the secrets.
it isn't about disproving what they said. you said their opinions are way too wrong. sinse when is an opinion wrong? you did point out mistakes, but that hardly makes them a sell out.

Originally Posted by Icarus4578
No, it's great that someone [Paper] can disagree with another's opinion and be so vocal about it, backing up his disagreements with sound, logical evaluation. Opinions aren't facts -- that's stating the obvious. However, let the man say whatever he wants.
icarus, you have done the same thing to other opinion-based threads. i was only replying to paper because he said their opinions are wrong.

gamespot really aren't that bad, but gaming age is... they suck.

we'll be waiting for that review of megaman x maverick hunter, paper
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