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Originally Posted by gearhound
it is one thing to point out mistakes, but it is another to say that their opinions are wrong.

opinions are never wrong.

storm eagle has two different attacks that can knock you off the edge. one can be jumped over, but when he blows wind at you, you simply cannot jump to evade it. you need the dash if you want to survive his blowing wind.

and sinse you get to pay as vile when you beat the game, it isn't a spoiler. had gamespot gave away some plot details or something like that, you could definately say they spoiled some things. my friend told me you can play as vile when you beat the game. i didn't think that was a spoiler.
No, it's great that someone [Paper] can disagree with another's opinion and be so vocal about it, backing up his disagreements with sound, logical evaluation. Opinions aren't facts -- that's stating the obvious. However, let the man say whatever he wants.
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