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MegaMan Battle Network 3 white~GBA-Card Battle

I would like to say that I doubt any one here own it or like it, because it sound to me that I am the only fan here or even in the world, because this series dose not sell, but because Capcom loves there fans they did not only released two versions but they keep making sequels, even thought it have few fans, if you don't believe me just look at the sells, because they speak for there self. About Battle Network 4, it only sold a million in Japan because of the anime not the game it sells, because before it, the third one with both versions sold about only half a million in Japan, which is a weak number because it is two games and only fans bought them, so these fans wants more so they are more likely to buy both versions, but don't worry, because Capcom are not Nintendo they love there fans because the Blue and White versions have bigger difference then Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, both have one exclusive boss and 5 exclusive GignChips (I am going to explain it in my review) and one exclusive style (again I am going to explain it in my review) and different stuff, for an example, in the white version in May room you will find Tron Bonne toy, but in the Blue version you will find Roll toy(from Legend series off course).
I remember seeing Battle Network sells in the US and the sells are very bad, you should be happy that Capcom forgive us all and still release them, so you people batter buy them or they will stop releasing it in English and you all will regret it and I will be crying all day long, it is enough that they cancelled the third spin off, because of the very low sells, so canceling this series is not something strange and I am even shucked that they will release Battle Network 5 in US.
But enough of this, I will start reviewing this wonderful game that I played it about 100 hours in both versions.

You play as a kid called Lan in the fifth grade, he controls Megaman, you can go in both cyber and real world, in real world, you play as Lan, you can talk to people to get information and you can battle with some people and you can also buy Battle chips and solve mistress and you can send Megaman in side the cyber world or in side stuff, to get programs or battle chips or Zennys(money) or even for short cut or to finish a chapter, but in cyber world you control Megaman and it is like a big maze, but in the second sequel(this game) the internet is smaller then the first Battle network and easier to memorize and in the Cyber world you will fight random battles, which will make you forget the way and then confuse you and waste a lot of time battling because there is no level up and you will get mostly few Zennys (money) which is annoying.
The battle is different then other RPG, because the battle map is 3 square long and 6 squares wide, in your side you have 3 square wide and three square long and the same in the enemy said, but some enemies or boss can go to your side to attack or even steal a square and you can do the same by using battle chips that you can use it in every turn, but you have to press R or L if the gage is full. the gage increases slowly by time, if it get full, you can choose new battle chips, but if you do that, all the battle chip that you did not use in that turn will be goon, so you better be careful and think before doing any stupid thing (don?t worry, if the battle ends, all your battle chips will be back)
Using battle chip works like this, at first you can choose between 5 battle chips you can either choose a chip or choose add, but you will not use any battle chip in that turn, you have to wait until the next turn, you can use two or more battle chips either by choosing the same type of battle chips or by codes, because every battle chip have a code, there is S and Z and Y and C etc you can choose the battle chip of the same code, for an example you have Hi cannon H and Wide Sword H and Guard S and Guard Z and Guard H in that case you can either choose Guard S and Guard Z and Guard H or Hi cannon H and Wide Sword H or Guard H, so you have the choice either by the same kind of battle chip or the same kind of codes. You can get battle chips by defeating boss or enemies with a high busting level (just kill them fast and with out getting hit etc) you can also get some by trading with your family or by simply buy them in shops. You can get all kind of battle chips by using the Chip Trader Special, but you have to throw 3 or 10 battle chips to get one, the more you throw the more likely you will get a rear battle chips, but be careful, because if you used it in that machine, you will never get it back and you may get a bad battle chip, so it needs luck. When a battle starts, you can choice from 5 random Battle chips, you can either use them or choose add, but if you choose add you have to wait to the next turn without using any battle chips, but in the next turn you can choose more battle chips, it depend on how many you put (the mix number is 10).

There are three types of battle chips. They are Stander chips and there is 200 of them and there is Mega Chips, which they are stronger chips and boss chips (you can get boss chips by killing them with a high busting level and every boss have 4 versions, the higher version number the stronger the chip is and the harder that you can get it) the last type is GignChips which they are the strongest and there is only five in the game and in every version, there are five different once.

you can only choose a total of 30 battle chips and few Mega chips and one Gign chip in a folder, so you have to make a great folder with good strategy and good chips in it, unlike Pokemon this game is actually challenging and need thinking and needs a good strategy and you have to learn the enemy/boss attacks pattern and avoid there attacks by using the D-pad, you can move from a square to the other, like what I said you can move from 9 squares 3 squares wide and 3 squares long, you can use your mega buster and you can use it as much as you want, but it is very weak, but you can charge your shot to make it a little pit stronger, but it takes time to do that. You can customize your Navi (Megaman) by finding hidden programs, there is a lot of different kinds of programs that can be found or that can be customized. At first, you only have few free blocks, but as you go farther in to the game, it will be bigger. The limit of free blocks is 4 free blocks wide and five free blocks long. the programs have different shapes and colors, the better the program the more space it takes, you can go to GameFAQ to use a way to decrease one block, which is strange that there is no way in the game that you can know how to do it or is it. :???:
anyway, all what you have to do is don't put two of the same color blocks together and you have to put the normal programs on the line that in the middle and don't put the power ups programs in the line, so that no bugs happens, because bugs will annoy you and make the Mega buster in level 1 or let you only choose from 1 battle chip etc so try not to make any mistakes, putting programs is like a puzzle game and you can also spin the program by getting a key items that are hidden in the game or put the secret number in the Number trader. Just put as much programs as you can.

If you think that?s all then you are mistaking, because there is still style change. There is a lot of different kind of styles in the game and every one of them have an element, either water or electricity or fire or wood, every element have weakness like Fire is stronger the wood but weaker then water etc even some enemies and boss have elements, but mostly they have no element and the style give Megaman special powers, for example, the team style will let Megaman put more then five Mega Chips and if you finished a lot of battles, you will get a new program, every style will give you three new programs and will let you use different colors of programs like red or blue etc if you want to change style you have to win 50 or 500 battles(I forgot which one(I know they are completely different numbers. ))
every time you win these battles you will get new style, you will have the choice to change it or not, you will get a style depend on what you do, for an example, if you use a lot of Mega chips you will get team style, but the element are random, so it is you with your luck there, but what ruined it, is that the electric element is the weakest, because every one of them have different charge shot, but this one is the weakest, not only it charges slower then others, but it is weaker then most of them too, which Capcom should have fixed it.

there is still more, there is Program advance, you have to combine three to five kind of battle chips in order to do it, so you have to discover them by your self, with out any hints, but it is obvious which one to put and keep in mind that the codes should be in order, if it the same kind of battle chip then the code should be from the first latter to the last and that means from A to Z, but that depend on the battle chip and in it codes order, for an example, there is a program advance that needs three of the same kind of battle chips, so you have to put these battle chip in order either R then S then T or C then D then E etc and yes it dose need luck, because in battles, they will put randomly 5 chips in every turn from the folder, so you have to save the battle chip to use it, but at lest you can press select on a chip in your folder, so that you can start the battle with it, but you need MB to do that, you can find them hidden or in shops, the highest number that you can get is 50 MB, some battle chips do need higher MB then that (the stronger the battle chip the higher MB it will need) so you either put weaker battle chip or use programs that increases your MB, note that you can only put one battle chip in the beginning of the battle, so again that will still not change the fact that program advance needs luck.
The last thing that I will say about the gameplay is that there is something called sup chips, they can be used to recover Megaman HP or unlock locked crystal etc (Note that Crystals are just like chest in any other RPG, but some are locked and some aren't).

Before playing the game, you should know that in this game, you need to play the first two to know the story, but mostly the first one, because they don?t talk or there is not a lot of event that is about the second one, which means it is not much of problem if you only played the first one, the story is good and all, but nothing special, the thing that I love the most is the boss battles not only they are fun and challenging, but they are also from the original Megaman, but Capcom remodel them and improved there look, which is why I love the game, because I just love surprises and this game is full with it (don?t worry, the maker of the original Megaman series is the same one that makes the Battle network series :cool guy: )

The worst part about this game is that, it has no life.
the only thing that moves are humans and if this is not bad enough then with also bad animation and let just not forget about the fact that there is no sound effect in the real world I can understand the cyber world, because they made it up, but the real world is something that should have been fixed, but Capcom yet to fix it, instead they keep doing this big mistake over and over again and if this is not enough then let just not forgot about the crappy back ground in the cyber world or the battle or even the levels. Thankfully the game has a lot of details to make it up with the few and lame animation.
The music is good and all, but not in the original Megaman level that also released every year, so they have no excuse for not making it as good, but for me I loved the last stage music, it is great. They just put the short part that I like.

What makes this game lives is the fact that it has a huge side quest (compare to the main quest that is)
Every time you finish a quest, you get a star meaning that the first star is the main quest star, then after it, you have to get the other starts the farther the star, the more challenging the game is and what even better is that the first Battle network was the easiest, then it gets harder and harder which is a great news for the fans of the game.
What I hate about Battle Network series is that you need to go to the big net that full of random battles to finish some requests or chapters, which makes them annoying, because not only you may forgot the way after the battle ends, but you will also keep battling one after the other, at lest in this game, you are not forced to finish all the requests, in fact, you only need to finish few of them, which I think the requests are more of a chore then fun.

Finally, the two player mode, which you can battle and trade battle chips with a member of your family, I played it with my cousin and it was extremely fun, but in the way that you don't want to play it again, I think that because of my cousin laziness of powering up and forcing me for not using battle chips that he don't get and he is yet to even try getting it or even play the game. :annoyed:

Gameplay: (8/10)
Graphics: (6/10)
Sound: (6/10)
Longevity: (7/10)
Megaman Battle Network 3 white: (27/40)

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