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Originally Posted by Freeman
Nice reviews man!
Say why not review the KoF collection for X-Box after you've played it enough?
.....This game already released. :yikes:
Good review Paper. I am really enjoying Yoshi Touch & Go. It gets your mind moving trying to think where you need to draw clouds and when and where to throw Yoshi eggs.
Once the DS goes online we should meet up and play the exclusive 2 player mode. I am in the same boat as you as I have no friends that would want to play this game.
Thank you both.

let just hope that we can play it when NDS gose online instead of Nintendo releaseing another new version that the same game but with online mode.

Personally, I'd be more interested in how that new Kirby game turns out. It certainly looks nice.
well you will find out in June.

What's wrong with you? Kirby is one of the most awesomest characters ever created, not to mention it has one of the greatest villains of all time!
cannot agree more. :cool guy:

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