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Mario Vs Donkey Kong~GBA-Platform

This game is a mix with Puzzle and platform, but there is more platforming then puzzle therefore the genre is platform.
In this game you play as Mario, he can perform a lot of moves, you have to use them to finish the levels, but some of the moves are rarely used so they are mostly useless.
The levels are very small and in every level there are two parts, if you cleared them you cleared one level, some of the levels, you need to get the key to finish them and some levels needs you to guide the toys to the toy box and some levels you just have to get the toy that is trapped in a bubble.
If you finished 7 levels you will fight Donkey Kong (boss) if you beat him you will go to the next world.
Note that this game plays like the original Donkey Kong games meaning that this game is not a traditional side scrolling platform.
In every level, you can finish it with every gift and break the highest score, so that you finish it %100 and in this game there is about 100 levels, but they are very small and the game Mario advance 2 have about 70 or 80 a lot bigger levels and it is an older GBA game and from the same company so that dose not help them, but at lest, a lot of them is unlockable, which give you a reason to play some more.

let just not forget that this game have great graphics and the characters have a lot of details and very good animated, but the background is not good, which just don't feel right, with every thing is great except the background is just wrong, the developers are either lazy or forget about it, because all what they have to do is only draw about 100 good pictures. (Really it is not much)
The sound effect are the usually Mario sound effects, but this game is the first game that Mario talks (when I say talk I don't mean these short voice like yahoooooo or hohooo like any other new Mario game)
This game also have very few music and I only liked the title screen music, which is just a remix the others are new music , but are not as good as the older Donkey Kong or Mario games.

Gameplay: (7/10)
Graphics: (9/10)
Sound: (6/10)
Longevity: (5/10)
Mario Vs Donkey Kong: (27/40)

I think they should have called it Donkey Kong 5, because it is the perfect name for it, there is no need to over use Mario name.

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