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Originally Posted by Sinful Sam
Well they purposely left the game they way it was. It was no intention to remake it with better graphics and update the game play. It wouldn?t be called a, "Classic NES Series" if they changed it. Of course I wouldn?t buy it for $20 dollars. They should have put a whole series of 3 to 5 NES game into one cartridge and sell it for $20. :cool guy:
yes they should made 5 NES games in one cartridge and sell it for $20

and about the Classic NES Series Castlevania
konami have remaked the first Castlevania game for other consoles and it is alot better and older then the GBA version

Classic NES series. The classic NES series is designed to give the buyer the experience of NES games. The graphics, sounds, gameplay etc are all meant to be exactly the same as they were on the NES. Heck, the games are simply roms running off of an emulator.
You are right but they should let you select between the original and the improved version not only the original

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